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Tuesday, February 14


Jen is a native Oregonian, living in Bend. For a brief period of time her family lived in California, but she was too young to remember and it wasn't for very long. She is a computer nerd and a reformed workaholic. Kids had that affect on her.
Jen enjoys photography, cooking, gardening, playing with Scott & her kids, and web programming.

Stinky is her son. He is 12 and loves legos and computers. He is learning Flash and wants to work for NASA some day. Jen is teaching him how to cook.Lilypie6th to 18th Ticker
Boo is her daughter. She is 8 and loves all things girly and brown. (Brown is apparently the new pink!) She loves weekly trips to the library and usually finishes reading her books before she gets home.Lilypie6th to 18th Ticker
Q.P. (formerly known as "Butthead" or "J.J.") is Scott's daughter. She is 13 and a soccer/volleyball star. She also loves horses and has a beautiful smile (she is the smiliest person Jen knows).
Lilypie6th to 18th Ticker

Scott (aka the RHPB) is Jen's "euphemism". He is of indeterminate age, but about 26 at heart. Old enough to understand and accept life's ups and downs... but young enough to play hard and feel immortal.

Divot is a Black Lab & Golden Retriever mix. She is full of squiggles and licks and has a very waggy tail.

Patches is (Divot's) big, fat, lazy cat. He is white with a black and gray tortoiseshell - and too pretty for his own good.


Anonymous said...

is RHPB short for receding hairline pot belly? I couldn't find it in google.

Jen said...

LOL... good guess but no. :)

Berlinswhimsy said...

Hi---I just found your blog via the Bend Blogs list and had to pop in to say 'hi' to a fellow blogger!

david said...

goog so where am i ?
and you get
interesting beasty....
careful..the bolg are evreywhere....