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Wednesday, February 22


I frequently (OK, daily) take time out to read Ray Camden's blog. If you aren't familiar with Ray he is considered a "ColdFusion Jedi". And if you don't know what ColdFusion is... then this techiebabble probably isn't very interesting to you anyhoo. Let's just say we computer nerds think it's really the bomb.

There is this new cool feature in Coldfusion called "Flash forms". This is not what it sounds like and no raincoat is required. Basically they make your standard everyday forms look and perform waaaay better and the bottom line is a more pleasing user experience. The problem was our stock of flash version detection scripts were not working, so instead of a "more pleasing user experience"... users with an old version of flash player OR no flash player at all were getting (drumroll please) a blank screen. Ewwwww.... yeuch! Rassmass and I were getting a little stumped. So... since Ray is so kind as to take reader questions and (at least) attempt to answer them, I posted our conundrum on his site. Whaddya know... Ray and his readers... came through!

The solution? A handy little (FREE) package called FlashObject. It worked great and I highly recommend it to anyone geeky enough to understand this post!

UPDATE: The powers that be at Macrodobe are cracking down on the use of the term "Flash" so this handy little free tool is now known as SWFObject. It still rocks, whatever you call it!

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