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Tuesday, October 10


Stinky has been saving for a new Lego Mindstorms NXT set since... well since they announced that it was coming out last spring! He was involved in his school's Lego Robotics team last year, and they won an award for Robot Performance. Ever since then he has been hooked. He loves reading about robotics, and drawing pictures of robots that he would like to build.

At the beginning of the school year he had about $100 in his savings account. He received several contributions towards the cause for his birthday, which finally put him over the top. We ordered it from Barnes & Noble last week, and it arrived on Friday.

It is SO cool. He built and programmed several robots over the weekend. (He is the type of kid that builds stuff, but then doesn't mind taking it apart and starting over.) The latest is a robot that finds a ball, picks it up, and then places it on a stand. Very very good stuff.


Wendy said...

That sounds like something E would totally love. Me, maybe not so much, but that's probably because I'm constantly vaccuuming up Erector Set pieces.

Anonymous said...

Robots R cool

Jen said...

We got him some containers that have divided sections - they work pretty well. Since the controller brick is fairly big... we are thinking a tackle box would be ideal!