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Thursday, October 12


Thank you to Ben Forta and Ray Camden - and especially Stephanie @ MAX - for helping a friend and I with some MAX woes!

Everyone that knows me, knows that I have high expectations of everyone and everything. I have *zero* tolerance for poor customer service. I am highly irritated by poorly organized events (especially if admission is charged). This means I can be a real pain in the tush, and I am usually not shy about providing feedback (as nicely as possible... at least at first).

Later this month I am planning to attend the Adobe MAX conference in Las Vegas. Woot! But I was having trouble getting signed up for the sessions I wanted to attend... they would mysteriously disappear from my schedule! I expressed this (very politely) to the event coordinating company, and they recommended that I speak with Adobe tech support. Their response was, that the scheduling was maintained by the event coordinators! So, I continued to do my best to document my fluctuating schedule to ensure that I didn't miss out on one of the sessions that was really important to me.

Today Ben Forta, an Adobe "evangelist", mentioned on his blog that registration is wrapping up. In the comments, I noted the trouble I was having with my schedule. This caught his attention, and he forwarded my concerns to Adobe. It also caught the attention of Ray Camden, a Coldfusion "Jedi", who also helped a MAX rep get in touch with me personally.

Which she did! And she was able to confirm my schedule and made a note of the sessions that are "critical" for me.

Ben & Ray are a shining example of how good leaders take care of others within a user/developer "community". I really appreciate their efforts on my behalf!

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