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Monday, November 13


The annual boot-fitting festival at Chez Fiveforefun results are in! All kids officially have boots that FIT... from the boot box. No shopping for boots this year. Why? Because Stinky has ski feet and he fits a pair of MY (barely worn) boots that were too uncomfortable for me but he loves. So this year... everyone gets hand me downs.

So to celebrate... I am getting new boots! (My current boots are older than Stinky... they are circa 1992 Raichle's!) I am thinking about getting these. I tried on a pair and they seem very comfy...

On the snow pants scene we didn't get nearly as lucky. Boo is the only one with snow pants so Butthead and Stinky will both have to get new ones. So... I hope it waits to snow again or they will be very cold and wet!

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Wendy said...

I used to have boots like that. I loved them, and they were really comfortable. They must have also been tasty, since the dog ate the back off one.