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Tuesday, December 12


As I continue to learn and work to improve my skills as a web developer I constantly come across sites and individuals that are helpful. I consult these resources frequently. This is a "list of lists" so to speak... partly a reference for myself but also for others that might be looking for similar information.

The list is a work in progress... I will update it from time to time, so let me know if you have any suggestions!

Web Development in General
Fix My Site:
CSS Zen Garden:

Raymond Camden's blog:
Ben Forta's blog:
Coldfusion Cookbook:

Ted on Flex:
Flex Component Development:

PHP manual:

Central Oregon Web Professionals' Usergroup (COWPU):
Portland ColdFusion Users Group (PDXCFUG):


Edelman said...

Jen -

Life is weird and so am I. Glad to know someone finds my weirdness helpful. Keep checking back! The hiatuses (hiati?) between posts are getting smaller, I promise!

Thanks for being a reader


Edelman said...

okay, for some reason I can't leave a comment as fixmysite, but that could just be blogger...anyways, that's me above (