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Friday, December 8


COWPU it is...

Thanks to Jake, COWPU now has a home on the web! (Yes, it's a cheezy Dreamweaver template. At least it's not FrontPage... so give me a little credit.)

I will continue to post future meeting times on the sidebar of my blog. Going forward, the new site will be the place to find presentation slides, contact information, and so on.

In the coming weeks I will continue to add features to the site (including a mail list). If you have any suggestions or features you would like to see please let me know ... but be warned that might also "tag" you as a volunteer to help out as well!

Thanks to everyone who has attended the COWPU meetings so far... you are the key to this group's success. Looking forward to seeing all y'all in January!


Paul said...

Unfortunately, I didn't find out about COWPU till this morning. I heard that a certain broadband company was there to make a presentation. Hopefully, this won't happen again. Nothing could undermine the legitimacy of an org like this faster than having a list of schill's lined up ready to hock their wares.

Jen said...

Hi Paul, I understand your concern. Our speaker did a great job of talking about the emerging technology and maturation of metro wi-fi rather than a sales presentation.

If you have any ideas for future presentations or can recommend a speaker please let me know.


Paul-doh! said...

Hi Jen,

Thanks for a kind reply to a less-than-kind comment. If it's going to be for "web developers", the topics are endless, and the "Speakers" could be members for the most part. They could provide more relevant content than almost anyone. The topics could be:
1) Preferred HTML editors
2) CSS tricks/tips/etc
3) Javascript tips
4) Design ideas
5) Programming
6) Technical topics (XHTML: What is it really?)
7) Work flow habits, what works, doesn't
8) Dealing with clients
9) Databases
10) Web services
11) Google itself is a developers dream.
12) E-commerce

And on and on. There are ALL levels of web developer. I recently handed over a site to someone who hadn't the least clue what FTP was. Even the most advanced programmer has a thing or two to learn. I just found a great editor yesterday (Quanta), and I thought I knew it all in that department.

There are people at all levels in the field, the content is virtually unlimited. As for corporate schills: I wouldn't have a problem if they were LONG TIME members (a year, at least) & gained some credibility first. But just putting them onstage in the org's introductory mtg's, that's just death. That's going to repel the high-end types you really want.


Jen said...

Paul, All good topic ideas that are already on our "list". Are you volunteering to speak?

Tom Cornilliac said...

I was excited to read about COWPU this AM on Simeon's blog. I'll definitely attend the next meeting.

RE the COWPU mailing list. Not sure where you're at with a list host but I can recommend Google Groups. I'm a member of several lists on Google Groups and they do a good job IMO.

Lucky said...

The site is great, great job to you and your fellow cowpu' will have to work on that nickname.

Paul-doh! said...

Hi Jen,

I could speak... but it sounds like you already have people lined up, and I'm a better listener. What day is the next mtg?