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Friday, December 22


As the presents begin to stack up under the tree, there is always at least one kid who can't resist "peeking".

This year that kid is Boo. I think she knows exactly how many presents are under the tree, and how many each person has. As far as the holiday goes, I think she has more Christmas spirit than everyone else in the house put together. (It's crept up on us quickly and there is a lot to be done!) She remembers to move the bear in our Advent calendar every day so we know how many more days till Christmas. She helps with decorations and gift wrapping. She wonders aloud what Santa will bring her. She reminds me that we need to make cookies... soon! She wears her Santa hat when we run errands, while reading, and pretty much around the clock. Her natural good spirit has helped the rest of the family stay positive too!

I think she is at that golden age where Christmas is truly magical and it's fun to enjoy this season with her!


Anonymous said...

I bet that Santa hat ROCKS with Boo's new boots!

Pamela said...

I am seeking one of those same advent calendars, thats how I ended up on your blog- had one when I was a kid and I'm obsessed with finding one!!!