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Thursday, December 21


Last night I called Divot for dinner. I could hear her claws on the the hardwood floor, so I knew she was somewhere in the kitchen/dining room area. I looked under the table, in the cupboards, and around corners... when I saw a little tail poking out from under our china cabinet.

She was stuck!

So... I did what every good doggy mom does, and took pictures.

She is growing soooo fast... she is about 9 weeks old and weighs about 20 pounds. It appears she still thinks she is tiny, and constantly bumps her head-haunches-hips on whatever she tries to walk under.


Carrie said...

Ohh! She is adorable! I remember when our pups did silly stuff like that. Too funny.

Simeon said...

She is sooo darn cute! Its been a long time since my girls where that size. Together my labs weight 150 lbs. But I remember when they were bigger than they thought they were, running around bumping into things. Never got stuck under furniture though.

Thanks for the pics. You are a great Hu-mom :)