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Wednesday, January 24


I am addicted.

Stinky got a new card game for Christmas, kuuduk. We hadn't come around to playing it yet, as the kids got so many new games. (Which is great!) I think this one is definitely going to be a favorite.

The object is simple; collect the cards needed to spell "kuuduk":

Then count the number of dots on the cards and add them to your score. The first player to score 50 points wins.

You can draw cards, swap with other players, and "swipe" from other players. I am sure there is a strategy but I haven't figured it out yet. Every time I was one card away from scoring... someone would swipe one of my cards!

So, as usual... Stinky kicked our butts and won. I did get one really sweet combo (you get bonus points if all your cards are the same color). He is just too good at games like this. Anything that requires strategy is right up his alley (Risk, Stratego, Chess, Checkers, and Mille Bornes are some of his favorites).

I can still beat him at Loot though. So I think that is my favorite game for now!

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