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Monday, January 22


Runaway, 9, hops flight out of town

I would normally expect to see a link to this on Jake's blog... but I was out of town this weekend so maybe I missed it?

Someone told me about this and I originally didn't believe them. I checked and couldn't find it so I googled it, and found this article. (And this one, and this one.)

Oh, heavens.

Learned to drive... from a Playstation? Lied his way onto an airplane? I am speechless.

Aside to Andre: This is a perfect example of your (and Marshall's) criticism of SEO for the media and rationale for optimizing these articles for "low hanging fruit". (I love that term by the way!) I spent a while searching for news articles using the terms child airplane and similar. I eventually found it by searching for runaway airplane. (I am sure the airline industry will LOVE that reference!)

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Jake said...

No, you didn't miss it -- I just don't get everything, sorry ;-)