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Wednesday, February 7


When I brought home the Wii two weeks ago... Scott gave me "the look". You know that one? The one that says,
Jen, we just had Christmas and a couple of birthdays. Do we really need one more thing right now? REALLY?! Especially a video game...

Despite his skepticism, I was still excited about the Wii. I am not a gamer but I liked the idea of the remote, and the Wii Sports games were appealing to me. Butthead and I got to work unwrapping all the parts and pieces and setting up the system in the bonus room (aka "kid central"). Soon we were busy creating our "Mii's" and Scott came up to check on us. I handed him the remote, and told him to create his "Mii".

One hour later, he was still playing.

Fast forward to last weekend. I had a little extra cash from a side job, and asked if he had ideas for how to spend it. The answer? Another Wii remote and nunchuck (the system comes with one set). (We found them at Fred Meyer.) We also moved the console downstairs to the living room, and hooked it up to the big TV.

We "broke in" the new accessories by playing a round of Wii golf together. I beat him by a couple of strokes on our first round - which is probably the ONLY time I will ever beat Scott at a round of golf. Later we tried out Wii Boxing, and then I took a break. Scott continued to perfect his Wii golf swing, and made the "pro" level by the end of the day. We also played a few of the mini-games on Super Monkey Ball - the racecars and snowboarding games are big hits at our house.

Every night, Scott has to play at least one round of golf - with or without me and the kids!

I hope too much Wii Golf doesn't mess with his actual golf swing. Tiger Woods Golf for the Wii comes out next month, and Scott is already asking if we can buy it. I have created a monster.

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