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Monday, March 5

360flex - 5 minute CRUD with FDS

presented by Kevin Hoyt

FDS = Flex Data Services - a server side product from Adobe
CRUD = create - read - update - delete

Kevin's background is in Sales, but prides himself in knowing the Flex product. Background in C programming, Java, RPG, AS/400 and more... so please don't be afraid and run away.

We've made things look nice... but now we need to actually work with the data. We have to get the data from where it resides (db, XML, whatever), present it to users, and allow users to change the data simultaneously.

SOAP and REST are great... but scalability becomes an issue quickly. How do we write an application to keep everything in check, and make sure it's scalable?

That's what Adobe is trying to do with Flex Data Services (and LiveCycle). In fact, as this technology generalizes it is starting to be known as LiveCycle Data Services. There are adapters for CF, Java, and other backends. Data management and messaging "push" technologies are key.

Going into the code... will hopefully post linkage to demo later! :)

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