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Saturday, March 3


The bags are packed...

The downloads are downloaded...

Music and movie for the trip are queued up...

I'm ready!

Really wishing this was my "off to Mexico" post... but not yet. First I am off to the 360Flex conference at eBay in San Jose, CA. I will be getting "Flex-y" with 399 of my closest web geek buddies! This should be a good trip - I am getting more comfortable with the "community" of developers that attend these shows. There should be a lot to learn and plenty of networking opportunities.

As a bonus I am looking forward to having dinner with some old friends from the Gannett days, on Wednesday night.

And... If traveling all goes smoothly and we arrive in time, the Sherpa (as the Troll is now known) and I will catch a show in San Francisco tomorrow night!

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