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Thursday, April 26


Today is another Woot-Off so I am keeping an eye on email and the site in general... just in case.

So far? This caught my eye. No, not the product itself... look at the product description.

It's... "Particle Man" by They Might Be Giants (a relic of my high school years... yes I was - and still am - one of the nerdy kids).

For those unfamiliar with the original song, check out the spoof/video from another relic of my teenager-hood... Tiny Toon Adventures. (I miss that show!)


Jake said...

Woohoo! Woot-off! I had NO idea. I've gotten the random bag of crap once before, and love woot. I'm not going to get ANYthing done today, thanks ;-)

Jen said...

Jake - Maybe this will give you a reason to start twittering, then!

Andre Jensen said...

I'm SOOOO on it. I would have sent you all an email last night as this woot off started at 10pm. Isn't it random when they start and stop?

I bought the Xact X2X-2 WristLinx Two-Way Wristwatch Radios last night. I figured they would be fun for the boys plus useful at festivals or at the mall or something.

dkgoodman said...

My favorite TMBG is Istanbul (not Constantinople) :)