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Thursday, May 31


Have you ever taken that road from Hwy 97, west towards Crater Lake? It's very long, very straight, and seems to go on forever.

Well, today a swarm (?) of butterflies was passing over that highway. I don't know if they were migrating or what. But there sure were a lot. My windshield is caked with butterfly goo. The roadway was littered with sad little butterfly corpses. And still more butterflies fluttered around, over and alongside the road.

I pointed out the number of butterflies to Stinky (he was playing with his gameboy or reading). And then, the CD player switched to a new song.

"Butterflies" by Toad the Wet Sprocket

Did I do that on purpose? Nope, my fingers were nowhere near the CD controls. The controls are on the dash, not the steering wheel, so I tend to set 'em and forget 'em.

Speaking of coincidences, Stinky learned a new trick. He can make semi trucks appear just by talking about them. The funniest moment was when he said, around the corner there would be 20 semi trucks. There weren't quite 20... but there were at least seven of them.

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