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Tuesday, June 5


I am taking golf lessons.

Scott is an avid golfer. And he is a great golfer. And sometimes (who knows why) he wants me to go golfing with him. Usually this means we meet up with another couple, and I am embarrassed for 18 long holes. With a sigh I pick up my ball after each sorry shot, and put it up with Scott's well-placed shot. Once we get to the green things go a bit better - I am actually a fair putter.

I like the experience of golf. I like being outside. I like driving the cart. I like drinking beer. I just don't do well at the part where I actually have to PLAY golf. Scott tries to coach me, but sometimes I think that does more harm than good. He says things to me like "hit down on the ball". But he can't tell me HOW to do that - just that I should. Huh?

This year, I resolved to try to be a better golfer. I found out that Parks & Rec offers golf lessons. I signed up for a women-only class. Why bother embarrassing myself in front of a bunch of guys? The first class was last night.

While the weather wasn't great - and class was actually over early due to lightning - I already feel like I am going to get my money's worth. The instructor (Dylan) is great. He can tell me HOW to do all those things that Scott says I should be doing.

And... I hit the ball with my 7 iron further than I have hit any other golf ball... Ever!!! It was very cool!


Wendy said...

We want to do golf lessons at some point. I took them all through high school (lived across from a course), but haven't golfed in probably 20 years. said...

Keep at it, it may get frustrating at times, but it a great activity... outdoors, friends...