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Saturday, June 30


Yeup, that's Boo. With an iPhone.

This is our "girls' weekend". For her special time, she asked to go shopping in Portland. So we just happened to be here for the release of the new iPhones.

At first it was a real drag. We are staying across the street from Washington Square Mall. One of the attractive things to me was the fact that there is and Apple Store. Mecca? Nah... I am all about the Genius Bar. Unfortunately the release of the iPhone meant that the Apple Store was closed until the release time of 6pm... and the queue wound through the mall and we didn't ever make it in.

So after a lovely breakfast with Carrie, Sim, and Ana... we all went to the mall together to play at the Apple Store this morning.

Boo was pretty skeptical. We had already been to the Lego Store and the Disney Store. The Apple Store really wasn't on HER agenda. But she ended up having a good time test driving those iPhones, and really enjoyed the kids' area too! So I have another Mac addict in the making now!

By the way, the iPhone is cool. REALLY cool. But no, I didn't get one.


John Wilker said...

Gotta love the Washington Square Apple Store. Got my iPod there.

Jake said...

You could've got one, but you couldn't have used it around here, right?

Jen said...

They get service here, but there isn't a "home" carrier. Since my mom lives in Salem I probably could have used her address for billing purposes and tried to get around the iron curtain that way. It was definitely do-able... IF I had really wanted one.

But there are other things (fun things and life things, both) that are higher on the list.

For now...