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Monday, August 13

360flex - Beyond Point and Grunt

Brain dump notes...

Get beyond point and grunt
Tony Hillerson, Effective UI

using picnik for examples

what other gestures can we use for a better experience? conveying intention with meaning
buttons, menus arrange things so they aren't in the way. tabbed menus serve similar purposes as menus.

relationships -
context menus: right-click menus and radial menus as well
keyboard shortcuts: ctrl-s
command line: ls, format c:
mouse gestures: click and drag over link to open in new tab, click and "circle" links to open all in new tab (see optimoz). less wasted mouse travel

fitts' law - law that predicts how much time it takes to point at something (doesn't have to be on a computer)
the farther away, the longer to point
the smaller size, the longer to point

QED make bigger buttons :)

Also use edges of the physical screen - can "bounce" the mouse off the edge of the screen so to speak. hot corners are similar.

make buttons closer to pointer so user doesn't have to work so hard to get pointer there

don't forget that the user has to FIND the button first!

the first time an app is used it's ok to take longer - exploratory. but as tasks become instinctive (repetitive) time to task becomes really important. think about ctrl-s, using that keyboard shortcut isn't necessarily obvious but as proficient it's fast and easy way to save!

where is the item. how deep is it. sort of like how long does it take to navigate a maze.

keyboard shortcuts - good for when you are already using keyboard (ie typing) and don't have to switch to mouse!

quicksilver, cmd-space then type "f" will quick launch firefox.

Cairngorm stuff - blah blah ginger ;)

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