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Monday, August 13

360flex - Monday keynote

Brain dump notes...

Things have changed a lot since flex 2

better experiences - intuitive, lower training costs
better user interfaces - using graphics etc to enhance
better integration - data from multiple sources
performance - faster data arrival, scrolling, etc
compatibility - build once for all platforms
just plain better :)
article on wsj: looking at app through users/customers eyes and noticing the experience. blur line between browser and desktop

easy to use. image processing. uses url states.

ms word quality word processing in a BROWSER. targeted at college students for online document sharing. version control.

presentation software, built and delivered online. collaborate and update online so they are always in sync. changes and updates. portability

flash player adoption
passed 92% for flash player 9
8+ million installs/day
2.44 billion installs

flex growth
intranets - more companies choosing flex to power their intranet and internal apps

soft phone to route and manage phone calls with simple flash ui

api generation tool to create xml/rest based on existing websites
EVEN IF they don't have an API (i.e. LinkedIn)

Flex history
changes to flash player
developers and structured programmers, not designers. new market and how can we make this class of developer successful
coming soon, better graphics integration, application performance, OPEN SOURCE, text formatting and control, skinning and styling, sdk faster and leaner


upgrade pricing will be gentle, value should be there compared to feature set.
1000 community bug base users, please register at
flex 3 will ship as open source
flex 3 will ship in early 2008

AIR news
customer api feedback is very important
sqllite implementation added to runtime
application signing and security, certificates
onAIR leg 2 begins tomorrow
AIR 1.0 will ship in early 2008, parallel with Flex 3 ship date

MAX 2007
Chicago, Barcelona, Tokyo
over 60 flex sessions, mostly given by the engineers
flex bootcamp with dev team (also livecycle, coldfusion)
meet the flex team
registration surpassed 2006 (Las Vegas) - largest Macromedia or Adobe event ever
360flex discount code

Ted Patrick
Flex Evangelist

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