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Tuesday, September 18


We are back from another fun-filled weekend at Kinzua.

It was a much quieter weekend. The last time we went it was for a couples' tournament and it was really busy. This time there were only six of us at the campground. Pat, the groundskeeper, lives in his trailer up by the clubhouse. And there were a few other golfers that came in for the day.

On Saturday we arrived late in the morning. Scott went right out onto the course to start playing. I rode along to heckle and take pictures. That evening we played a friendly scramble-format tournament, with five people on each team. We made it through twelve holes, then it was time to kick back and relax.

Our friends treated us to a kicking BBQ dinner of London Broil, potatoes, and asparagus. We brought some corn, and everyone had plenty to eat. We proceeded to sit around and drink and laugh into the night.

The next morning the guys went up and tee'd off at nine in the morning... waaay too early for me. I think Scott played 30 holes on Sunday. He just hated that. ;) I stayed around the campground to hang out with Divot, sit in the sun, sit in the shade, and relax with a book.

I think we have definitely decided on buying a family membership for next year. The next natural step (I hope) will be the purchase of a smallish tent trailer. My bones are just too creaky for golf after a night sleeping (or not) on the ground.

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