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Friday, September 14


Girls out there on the Interweb, all y'all have a "list", right? You know the one I am talking about. The one your significant other knows all too well.

Shawn Mullins is on mine.

Picture me and Scott. From the second row, center - with no one between us and the stage until the end of the show when the "crashers" appeared. (EM, my friend Laramie was in the third row. With her hubby. Dori called me this morning offering the second row. Could I say "no"? After all, he's on my "list". I still owe you a beer! Or two... or three!) It felt like it was a concert for Scott and me alone, listening to music from someone who sang every word from. the. heart.

Beautiful Wreck
House of the Rising Sun

...and so much more.

There was one guy on the stage with an acoustic guitar. But you coulda fooled me... he sounded soo amazing there should have been more. He is that good.

And it was good to see friends there too... Laramie & John, Adrienne & Tyler, Tom, Bonnie... I hope everyone loved the music as much as we did.

Shawn Mullins... storyteller and poet. Scott had almost as much fun as me. When he comes back to town, I will find a way to be there. (Hey Shawn, we have a great guest room and even Scott says you are welcome any time!!!) Maybe I am not his most well known stalker in Bend... but total respect for his music, and I am a big fan.


Live on the Fly Studio said...

Soooo... are you saying you used the tickets Dori gave you as opposed to the ones I donated to the cause??? Hey, if they were better seats, I guess I can't blame ya!

Live on the Fly Studio said...

Oh, btw - did I mention he called me "darlin'" as he HUGGED me? I'll tell you about it when we're having our beers!

painted maypole said...

I don't have a list. Maybe I really am weirder than you. ;)

Jen said...

Elise... SECOND ROW. CENTER!!! No one was in front of us till the second to the last row. But I didn't get a hug... bummer.

PM, every girl should have a list! Gives the boys something to think about! :)