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Friday, October 26


I like books. Old books, new books, borrowed books... novels, biographies, gardening, cookbooks... doesn't matter. It's hard for me to sell books after I have read them. They are like friends... so I have a LOT of books at home. I like the convenience of being able to pick them up on a whim and re-read my favorite parts or even the whole thing. It has also been really fun to hear the kids talk about books that they would like to read... and then be able to pull my old copy off the shelf so that they can enjoy it too!

Books come to live in my house from many places. Some are gifts. Others were purchased in airports during long layovers. Many were traded, or picked up at library or YMCA book sale. Still more were purchased at a thrift store or garage sale. And of course, quite a few are purchased from "regular" bookstores too! I also love the library - it's a great place to make new "book friends" and often I will buy a book that I checked out and liked.

I also get books from my family, especially from my grandfather. My grandfather was an avid reader. Unfortunately now he has very poor eyesight due to macular degeneration. He listens to books on tape, and while he keeps many books for visitors to his apartment is in the process of giving many of them away. One of my favorites from him is the entire set of The Complete Works of Mark Twain. They are beautiful, well-made books that we enjoy handling and reading. He has also given us countless National Geographic "picture" books, mysteries, and nautical fiction. Last year he gave Stinky a great copy of Jane's Fighting Ships of WWII - complete with notations on the ships he worked, including dates and rank. It's a great book, and a nice connection to his past that we value.

Anyways, I am never disappointed to see a new bookstore open. Especially one that is close to home or the office. Today I visited Between the Covers for the first time. The main draw for me, aside from the books, was the coffee and wifi. One of the things that bothers me about Barnes & Noble is it's not cozy. One of the things that bothers me about Thump is that there are no books to browse. Between the Covers brings all of these together. (The format reminds me a bit of the Green Gables shop in Newport, where there is a small cafe together with a used bookstore.) Between the Covers seems well-organized and has a nice variety of new books. I spent most of my time browsing the youth fiction section. I noticed many of my kids' favorite authors, old and new, on the shelves. They also have picture books and board books (including Snuggle Puppy, Carrie!).

And the place is just darn cozy. There are smaller gathering areas downstairs, and they are working on furnishing the upstairs for larger groups and meetings. There is a children's play room in the works (hopefully to be well-stocked with books, as well). The kitchen in the back has Strictly Organic coffee (serve yourself) and pastries from the Sparrow Bakery. There are old-fashioned candies ranging in price from a dime on up, so keep an eye on your little ones as they peruse the area around the register. I didn't ask, but maybe someday they will have espresso... and then I would just have to move in (or rent the secret apartment next door).

But then where would Scott and the kids sleep?


Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

What a great review! I'll have to check it out.

So Bookworm, I have 'nature of words' icon you can put in your right nav bar if you want it...

Jon said...

Mmmmmmm books...

Does Between the Covers have used books at all, or all new?

Jen said...

I only saw new books. There was a pretty good variety!

Deby said...

Ok, where is this place? I MUST GO IMMEDIATLY!!