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Thursday, October 18


Tonight I will be talking about Ribbit for the PDXRIA group over in Portland. If you are in the area stop by and say hi!

This is my first "official" presentation for another group so I am a little nervous. Hopefully it will go OK!

The weather forecast is mostly wind, wind, and more wind. Fortunately it looks like the snow level is rising (to about 8000 feet) so I am hoping to avoid driving home in snow and ice!


Occidental Girl said...

Have fun! Snow is forecast for Saturday, I see. We're heading over the pass Saturday morning and then back Sunday morning. I hate driving in snow, hate riding in a car being driven by someone else in the snow, hatehatehate. One more irrational fear to love.

Little Things said...

Good luck with the talk! As long as you remember that the people listening are there because they're actually insterested, you'll be fine!

As to the snow. Yikes. I've been away from snow for a few too many years, and y'all are making me queasy.

Should be fun for me, moving to Bend in November, eh? (fingers crossed and all that)

Jen said...

OC, we actually got the snow! I hope your drive went OK. I don't like traveling in the snow either, so we are staying inside today.

LT, thanks for the luck it went great! :)