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Thursday, October 25


Jen gave me some beautiful vegies from her CSA box tonight after the COWPU meeting. Thank you, Jen!

Our favorite? A beautiful head of Romanesque Broccoli! (AKA "fibonacci broccoli" or "fractal food".) Yes, apparently vegetables are for math nerds, too! We had to look around the Internet to see what it was - thank goodness for Google image search. I broke off a piece for Stinky to try and he likes it! It's a lot like cauliflower, but has a stronger flavor. Isn't it pretty?

There was also regular broccoli and cauliflower, beets, celery, spinach, and a few varieties of potatoes. Wow, thanks for sharing with us! I think this bag inspired to sign up for the CSA next year!!


Miss Julie said...

Jen, this beautiful act of nature looks like tiny Christmas trees, all growing together in a group. Happy, festive and cheerful. Thanks for the great photo!


Deby said...

How do you find out info about the CSA?