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Wednesday, November 14


I think I am overdue for some relaxation. We have been in crazy-kid-schedule-holidays-coming-up-omigod panic mode for way to long.

Tonight was a good start. Beers with some of the girls, at McMenamins. Lots of chatting, laughing, and very laid back. My kinda night!

We started with a great bartender - then her shift ended. Really friendly gal, with a GREAT frog shirt and perky braids making her look waaaay to young to serve alcohol. She was a little distracted and completely missed one of the girls when she came in, so she wasn't as happy with her and wrote to me this morning:
I came in and made a big "hi girls", hugs all around, very loud entrance and STILL sat their for 5 minutes before I got her attention for my first beer. Then she said "oh, I didn't even see you." ya kidding?! I think the only people that didn't hear us were the folks sitting in court across the street at City Hall!
I think she tried to make up for it by bringing several tasters. And selfish me, I already had a beer so I didn't notice!

After she left we got the world's snarkiest bartender. If there are four women at the bar, and three of them have empty "first round" beer glasses then what would you do? Hmmm... if you said "ignore them" then you must have been our bartender. He wasn't all that busy, either. We waited patiently for a while, but how long can you patiently for another beer when the bartender is right there?! Finally, one of the girls hollered, "Hey bartender we need more beer." Barely any reaction. And just in case you haven't seen the bar at the McMenamins main restaurant? It's tiny. Really hard to ignore your customers. But he managed to do so... which earned him taunts and disdain from our barstools.

The final insult? When we asked for the final bill he grunted that it was already there, in the glass in front of us. But guess what? It wasn't the final bill, so the second round of drinks wasn't on it. So when the bill was paid... he then brought the final bill, with the credit card slip.


Other than that... the beer, the company, and of course the Cajun tots were all great!!!!


mizinformation said...

how annoying! we almost never go in there anymore between the spotty food and the spotty service. Not really anywhere else to get Cajun tots though. Or see second-run movies. Or drink scotch outside by the fire.
OK, *never* might be a little bit of an exaggeration....

dkgoodman said...

Did you tip him? :)

Live on the Fly said...

I totally missed the last part of the evening. Chubby Mommy and I were in a deep conversation. I can't believe he did that! Didn't he get it when we mentioned we were all bloggers....?? We'll have to keep our ears open to a more welcoming spot.

Little Things said...

He got tipped, but not nearly as much as he could have gotten. He did suck, though. Maybe next time we need to appear more nubile or something. Or complain to the management.

LOTF, I don't know if he knows what a blogger is. He seemed oblivious to enough other things that that wouldn't surprise me.

I love Bend Brewing Company...

Miss Julie said...

For the record, I'm not sick because of the beer and cajun tater tots. Just for the record. If I'd had MORE beer, perhaps.

The real mistake of bad boy bartender was that we were welcoming our new tech/blogger girl into our new town and trying to show her our cool bar.

We fear she will now tell her California friends that the bars in Bend are BAD, and we'll never get any more of them to come up here and buy our houses, which means our economy will continue to slip slide away, and we may have to move to Charlotte, NC, where tech jobs are plentiful and houses are cheap.

That's why it's so very important to give middle aged mommies lots and lots of beer when they are at your bars. You never know who they are, or what they're doing.