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Wednesday, November 21


We did some "getting ready" cooking today. Lucky for me, the kids are willing and ready to help out with the cooking and baking this year. It's amazing how much they can do, and I am trying to step back and let them do a little more this year. Stinky helped me with a pumpkin pie, so hopefully it tastes OK.

And Boo made the cranberry sauce. This is one of my favorite parts of a holiday meal. I like fresh, whole berry sauce. Scott likes the jelly.

Cranberries crackle as they heat up.

Starting to break down, getting that pink foam on the top.

Done! We'll cool it off and put it in a pretty bowl for tomorrow!


mizinformation said...

yum...I really have to resist the urge to make like five different kinds of cranberry sauce, even though I like the plain whole berry kind the very best.

Deby said...

I'm with ya on the cranberry sauce. I always make one with tons of frozen raspberries. My aunt made one this year with blueberries that turned out quite delicious too.