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Monday, November 19


The holiday season has officially started. How do I know? I couldn't find a parking spot anywhere at Costco today. The "sample ladies" were out in force, on a weekday. And finally... I had to wait in line, to get in line for the checkstand.

Stinky showed me the drum set he thinks we should get for Q.P. for Christmas. (HA!!) And the guitar that he wants. Does anyone out there actually recommend buying a guitar from Costco? For some reason that doesn't seem like a good idea. At any rate... both were in the middle, so I couldn't possibly buy them because my only rule about shopping at Costco is to stay out of the middle lest your somewhat reasonable tab suddenly balloon by $250. Stay out of the middle at all costs!

But I got a turkey (18 lbs) and most of the other goodies we need for Thanksgiving. I even treated myself to a bunch of protea & eucalyptus, to brighten up the living room. Oooh, and a nifty remote roasting thermometer and timer gizmo (it wasn't in the middle, I promise). I love new kitchen gadgets!


Live on the Fly said...

My daughter's grandparents gave her a Costco guitar and it's a pretty good little guitar (a Yamaha). It stays in tune, has nice tone, really a good deal. But there are so many places you can get a good guitar for $150. Bryan's House of Music on Division might have some inexpensive ones, and you're supporting the local guy.

Wendy said...

I love kitchen gadgets too, but since I don't like cooking, I don't know what most gadgets are supposed to do. I just like the way they look, and it's really hard not to buy them.