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Thursday, November 1


After a busy Halloween-eve, the kids still managed to find the energy to have some Halloween fun. This year Q.P.'s friend M joined in on the fun!

We started off with our traditional trip to the Expressway market to see "Otis" and guess how many seeds would be inside. This is always one of the favorite stops since they also happen to give away full-size candy bars.

Next, we headed over to the office for the "Fall Festival" trick-or-treating event. After having their picture taken with "Frank" they were off through the hallways, collecting candy at every turn. I think they made it through the entire building in about 20 minutes flat - a new record! We took a quick break to have some cookies and cider, and then headed out.

We visited and trick-or-treated at a few friends' houses. Then it was time for Boo to go trick-or-treating with her Dad. I took Stinky, Q.P., and M to McDonald's and picked up a pizza for me and Scott. We dropped by Q.P.'s mom's house so that she could show off her costume. Finally we hit the road back to the house.

Scott had been busy handing out candy to many neighborhood goblins. This was a pretty busy year at our door, I don't know if they bussed the kids in from somewhere else? The girls did a loop around the neighborhood and collected even more loot.

By the time we finally settled down and the doorbell stopped ringing (I turned the light off at 9pm) we were bushed. It seemed odd that the kids were out trick-or-treating in the light since we are still in Daylight Savings mode, but it didn't seem to bother them.

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