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Wednesday, December 5


Boo was excited on Monday when I picked her up after school. I could tell through the car window that she had something to tell me. And from her expression, I figured it was good.

"What's up?" I said as she hopped in, stashed her backpack, and leaned over the center console to give me a quick hug. (Yeah, one kid isn't too cool to hug me in public. At least, for the moment...)

"Mama, I got a helping hand!" She giggled, and bounced a little. "Want to see it?"

"Sure!" I thought, could it be a certificate or Tornado Ticket for helping around class? Whatever it was, she was sure happy about it.

She reached into her pocket and pulled out...

A little rubber hand
It is about an inch tall, and made of some rubbery stretchy material. When Boo saw my expression she giggled harder - and then the peals of laughter started bubbling out. I couldn't help but start to giggle too, as she waved "Helping Hand" at me. It was absurd... and silly... and just plain weird. She reached out to shake my hand, but with her own hand tucked into her sleeve and "Helping Hand" peeking out. Later that night she figured out a tough homework problem and answered my call for a high five with (you guessed it) a high five from "Helping Hand".

"Helping Hand" has gone everywhere with Boo for the last few days. She's a pretty smart kid... figuring everyone needs a little helping hand every once in a while!


Live on the Fly said...

Her teacher has a twisted sense of humor. I like it - ha!

Little Things said...

That's totally awesome. I wonder where I can get one.