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Tuesday, January 1


We (OK... I) decided that one of the "musts" for starting off the new year was purging the kids' rooms. They have accumulated so much stuff, that I don't even know when they use half of it.

Today was day one, and I started off with Boo. We emptied her room into the bonus room - anything and everything but the furniture and her "keepsake" shelves (we wouldn't want to break anything).

Then, slowly but surely we put everything back... where it belongs. You see, a few days ago I hit Target's sale on Rubbermaid and stocked up. So now all the little odds and ends are neatly stored in labeled containers. Phew! It actually didn't take as long as I thought it would - but I was also there to keep her moving instead of playing with every little thing she touched. As a bonus - she also found plenty of stuff to give away! Some of it will be saved for future generations, and some will go either on the Freecycle list or charity. We'll see.

Next up is Q.P.'s room. She has accumulated a LOT more stuff than Boo, but hopefully it won't eat up the rest of the week. Luckily we still have plenty of containers left! Haven't decided when to get her started yet... any volunteers?


Live on the Fly said...

Good luck and have fun! I don't miss the days of helping (read: doing) the cleaning of kids' rooms. All those damn McDonald's toys got on my nerves something fierce!

Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

When are you coming to my house to help my children do this? You should block out a week for them, probably.