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Thursday, February 14


Inspired by Keely (who was inspired by Melissa)... but since we aren't married I am leaving the wedding-related questions blank (just in case someone else wants to play). And no, it's not in the plans. :)
Updated May 4, 2008: Plans changed. We got engaged on Leap Day and decided to tie the knot this weekend. See updates accordingly...

1. Where/how did you meet?
We met at a mutual friends' divorce party. I got there late, and things were already in full swing. A group was playing quarters, so I joined in. Scott is really good at that game. I'm not, so I "won"!

2. How long have you known each other?
Four years.

3. How long after you met did you start dating?
About a month.

4. How long did you date before you were engaged?
Updated May 4, 2008: About four and a half years.

5. How long was your engagement?
Updated May 4, 2008: About six weeks.

6. How long have you been married?
Updated May 4, 2008: Almost 24 hours. :)

7. What is your anniversary?
I consider our "committed as a couple" anniversary to be July 4. That's when we introduced our kids to each other. That's about as committed as you can get!
Updated May 4, 2008: May 3, 2008

8. How many people came to your wedding reception?
Updated May 4, 2008: Twenty, including us. :)

9. What kind of cake did you serve?
Updated May 4, 2008: Strawberry shortcake

10. Where was your wedding?
Updated May 4, 2008: Atelier 6000 in Bend, OR.

11. What did you serve for the meal?
Updated May 4, 2008: Country Style Ribs, Lemon Chicken Kebabs (with zucchini and mushrooms), salad, rolls, Cheesy Potato Casserole, and Asparagus Gruyere Tart.

12. How many people were in your bridal party?
Updated May 4, 2008: The kids each had a "job" but no formal bridal party.

13. Are you still friends with them all?
Updated May 4, 2008: Sure!

14. Did your spouse cry during the ceremony?
Updated May 4, 2008: Almost!

15. Most special moment of your wedding day?
Updated May 4, 2008: When the official read our vows, and everyone burst out laughing.

16. Any funny moments?
Updated May 4, 2008: Stinky laughed so hard that he fell off his stool. Boo's job was to hold my bouquet when Scott and I said our vows, and she got embarrassed. Our friends bebe balanced a rubber ducky on her head.

17. Any big disasters?
Updated May 4, 2008: Nope!

18. Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Updated May 4, 2008: Not yet, still deciding where to go and waiting till the kiddos are out of school for the summer.

19. How long were you gone?
Updated May 4, 2008: Not long enough! :)

20. If you were to do your wedding over, what would you change?
Updated May 4, 2008: That I let Scott's 22 year-old daughter buy me an AMF at my bachelorette party. G'night, Jen!

21. What side of the bed do you sleep on?
The right side. We got ourselves a new (bigger) bed for Christmas, so now we finally have "sides"!

22. What size is your bed?
King size... yeah!

23. Greatest strength as a couple?
Ummm... our enduring devotion to one another? LOL... Actually, we are both really hard working, honest people. I know that's not very exciting, but it's important.

24. Greatest challenge as a couple?
We are the second- and third-most stubborn people I know. (Stinky being the most stubborn.)

25. Who literally pays the bills?

26. What is your song?
Faith, by Shawn Mullins

27. What did you dance your first dance to?
Scott doesn't dance.
Updated May 4, 2008: Still no dance. :)

28. Describe your wedding dress.
Updated May 4, 2008: An off-white sundress with a brown floral print.

29. What kind of flowers did you have at your wedding?
Updated May 4, 2008: Just my bouquet. I bought flowers at Costco that morning. My sister made me a beautiful hand-tied bouquet from them. There were yellow lilies, purple mums, white alstromeria, eucalyptus, and even a few tulips.

30. Are your wedding bands engraved?
Updated May 4, 2008: We haven't picked them out yet.

And Missy said it better than I could, so here ya go...
It's all in the spirit of ADTILY or Another Day That I Love You Day. Because honestly, shouldn't you show that special someone that you love them everyday?


Occidental Girl said...

This was sweet!

Also, three posts in an hour? Were you bored at the coffee shop while you waited for me and I was late?

(Sorry, again...)

Keely said...

I am so jealous of all these king size beds you Oregon people have! ;)