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Thursday, February 21


My mobile phone... isn't. Some time last week it was looking like the battery died. After a full charge my phone stayed on for only a few hours. Even less if (gasp!) I actually made a call. So in order to make sure it was on I had to keep it plugged in at all times.

A replacement battery didn't help alleviate the problem, so now I am faced with the task of choosing a new phone. I'm frustrated because I really like my little phone. It isn't much more than a phone, though it does have a camera. The style is nice and the call quality has been very good. If possible, I would just get another one. But (of course) they don't make this particular device and the prices on the Internet are prohibitive.

What's next? It's fun to tease the RHPB that I will just get an iPhone (and use my mom's address in Salem for billing). While I think there are some really cool things about the iPhone, that probably not the direction I will go. A lot of people are recommending "smart phones" or "mobile devices" but it's a little scary to go down that road.

I really don't have a burning desire to read email on my device. Part of me just wants to get another plain ol' phone. I like having a camera - even if it's not a high quality one it's nice to have one that "does" in a pinch.

But on the other hand, I wouldn't mind having the ability to Twitter from my cell. ;)

What do all y'all think? Any recommendations?


Shannon said...

I twitter from my cell phone but I have a blackberry and I do it through google talk

Simeon said...

I feel like I can offer some quality insight here, having gone through 4 "smart" phones in the last couple years.

I had been using a treo on verizon for a few years. At first I paid the ridiculously high rate for data, and then gave it up. Having they keyboard for typing and having my calendar at my fingertips was a treat.

Then I switched to ATT and debated between the Curve and the Pearl (both blackberries) the pearl is pretty tiny but it doesn't have a full keyboard. The truetype on the pearl is awesome and it makes it really quick to write out content. But the curve won out for me, with its bigger screen and full keyboard. I really liked the curve.

Then on a fluke my boss gave me an iPhone. There are many many things I like about the iPhone, and of course you know what all of those things are.

However even though the iPhone is touted as the defacto device, I still long for another.

The Nokia N95 (soon to be replaced by the n96) is the mega device that no one knows about. It has a 5 mp camera and can record good video. It has an external microsd slot (you dont have to take the battery out to swap out the mem card! ) and it comes in an 8gb hd model. The n95 is a music player, gps unit and really just an entertainment hub. It has 3g, wifi and upnp bluetooth. Beyond that the s60 use the same base webkit browser that the iphone does. All its missing to make it the phone no one can say no to is a touch screen and a keyboard. Because while this phone is smart, it still uses the standard numeric keypad for input. The trick here though, is that this phone will actually let you use a bluetooth keyboard. Which is really slick.

Another added benefit to the nokia N series is a program called Joiku Hotspot. this is an app you load on your phone that makes it act like a wifi hotspot and uses your 3g broadband as the connection. Picture that! DSL speed on your laptop anywhere you have cell signal. Its almost more than I can handle :)

Ok, any how. Good Luck with your decisions cuz they are not easy ones :)

Ryan said...

I use a Sidekick LX(T-Mobile) as my personal cell and an HTC Mogul(Sprint) as my work device. I seriously couldn't live without them. Seriously. :-)

Both of them have full QWERTY keyboards(I am a txting FIEND), as well as being the size of small bricks.

I forgot where I was going with this...