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Sunday, March 9


When we found a spot on the bleachers, I leaned over and told Boo, "no matter what happens, remember that I love you very much." She looked at me with a confused expression. I reassured her that soon she would understand.

Kids dressed in black pants and white shirts (some with ties!) started to filter in and find their seats on the gym floor. We spotted Q.P. and Stinky among them. It was almost time to begin.

Our chosen seats had a good view of Stinky but it was tough to see Q.P. which was a little disappointing. Finally the teacher appeared... and the 6th grade orchestra concert began!

Some time during the first number Boo asked me, "Is this supposed to be 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'?" And by the look on her face I knew that she understood my earlier comment. But all things considered, it was pretty good for a bunch of kids who just started playing assorted stringed instruments. And it was QUICK too... they only played for about 20 minutes. There were few surprises - I think they played the same tunes that I probably played at my first orchestra concert.

But there was one large surprise - Stinky was the second chair for the first violins.

When it was over, I could tell that the kids were relieved. That first performance is a tough one. Next year music classes are optional. I hope they will both continue with something, if not orchestra.

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simzgirl said...

Yeah for Stinky! I am so not a musical type so I am very happy--and a little jealous-- when others try music and are actually successful at it!