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Friday, April 4


Just a quick hair update... thanks to Laura at Curl Up & Dye for the great new 'do! :) If you are looking for someone new, I highly recommend her!

Not a huge difference but she added some nice "spring-y" highlights and some layers. Enough of a difference to make me happy, but not so different that Scott changed the locks on the house. Yeah!

The front:
New hairdo - before & after

The back:
Back - before & after

Jen, happy to finally get a legit haircut:
New Hairdo


mizinformation said...

I love that you remembered to take "before" pictures.

Looks great!

Jon's wife said...

Looks great!!!

Live on the Fly said...

Nice color and cut! Brings out the blue in your eyes!

Deby said...

I like the before and after pics. Not a lot of change, but just enough to look polished.

Love the highlights. It brightens your face.

Miss Julie - Chubby Mommy said...

You crack me up!

Shannon said...


Amanda said...

You're cute! I like your haircut and your hair looks nice and healthy.

Occidental Girl said...

A good haircut can do almost as much good as a good night's sleep. (I was just at Shannon's blog.) Look's great!