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Wednesday, August 27


1. My attitude towards blogging
2. Saturday in Baker City

OK, picking back up where I left off, from this post.

When we walked into Paizano's and asked for Kina, the gal at the counter looked a little confused. Turns out Kina had just left with a delivery for someone at our hotel... and she thought it was Missy and I that had called. Oops! One entertaining phone call and case of mistaken identity later, she turned over the pizza and headed back to the store. We sat and talked and talked and talked, until Whitey just couldn't take it anymore and made everyone head home (or to their hotel!).

We settled into our room for a quiet evening (starting at about midnight, heh!) and slept in the next morning. After a good breakfast at the Sumpter Junction (check out their great model train setup if you go) we headed to downtown Baker City.

First stop was the Farmer's Market. A dozen little booths and tables were set up at a great city park. One of the vendors had some of the best apples I have tasted. Missy, do you remember what they were called? The were crisp and tart, with just a hint of honey. Yum! We also found some wonderful garlic, carrots, and homemade jam. It's really a great little market.

Next we wandered through the downtown businesses. FudgeBy the time we reached Bella's kitchen store (think Allyson's in the Old Mill) it was time for a break. We sat at their little sidewalk cafe and sipped drinks from their little deli, and just watched the town go by for a while. Moving on, we also visited Betty's Books (a really nice family-run bookstore) and Sycamore Tree. It was at the latter store that we found the fudge. Don't get me wrong - Sycamore is a great little decor and gift shop in it's own right. We smelled lotions and ogled fiestaware but once we stepped up to the fudge counter, it was all over. "What kinds would you like to taste?" the cashier asked us. We tasted several, and settled on a couple of favorites to take with us. Yum... that place makes some really good fudge!

You know we wouldn't spend an entire day in Baker City, without seeking out the pizza. Kina brags about the Sweet Thai Shrimp (or Chicken) more than any other pie... so we put ourselves in her hands and that is what we ordered. Sweet Thai Chicken PizzaI can't say enough things or come up with enough yummy words to describe it! If I had checked the menu I would have seen that it also had peanuts and coconut in the list of toppings, which might have scared me off. I am so glad that I didn't - it's perfect just the way Paizano's makes it. One of the first questions when I got home was "did you save a slice for me?" The answer was NO because we ate it ALL!! We also tried the toasted ravioli, and those are a great item too. I guess they are a little like those fried mozzarella sticks except the filling is creamier and more flavorful, and the coating is lighter and crispier. Really, there's no comparison but that's all I got...

And then for the rest of the day... well nothing worth blogging about, but it was a good day. It was getting hot out so we sought out the A/C and read a lot. And watched the Olympics. Without the pressure of dirty dishes that needed to be washed and other day to day stuff we just relaxed. It was great!

We spent the evening in similar fashion to the one before - hanging out with our girl Kina! This time we went to Baker City's favorite brewery, Barley's. They are making some great brews out there in Eastern Oregon, and I really enjoyed the types that I sampled. Yummm... beer!

Nice ride

It's a good thing we had such a nice, relaxing day and a restful night. Because the drive home the next day turned out to be something else...

to be continued...


Keeneye said...

So glad that you had a relaxing weekend. I haven't had a cold beer since seeing you two. :(

Little Things said...

Kina needs more beer!

The apples were called Summer Apples, the folks who sold them to me said they're also known as Yellow Transparent apples - looks just like them!

The Sycamore Tree said...

I just read your blog. Thank you for your nice words about The Sycamore Tree in Baker City. We always enjoy the visitors and locals alike. We hope that the store is a great shopping "experience" for our guests.
Jacki Adams, Owner
The Sycamore Tree