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Monday, October 27


This is what $42 in pumpkins looks like...
Just in case you were wondering, this is what 42 bucks will get you at the Central Oregon Pumpkin Company. But that's not including admission to the corn "Maize"!

It was a good day - though a little hazy. We could just make out the silhouette of the Cascade Mountains to the west. The peaks of Smith Rock State Park loomed over us from the North. We left home early and arrived at the pumpkin patch pretty close to opening time on Sunday morning. This was a good thing, since as we headed home it threatened to surpass my threshold for crowds. We bought our tickets and made our way into the "Maize". Did we get lost? Of course! Scott had picked up a bag of Kettle Corn as well, which sustained us during our adventure of wandering through loops and dead ends made up by the rows on rows of corn.

Eventually the kids made sure that we found our way out safely. After playing on the pirate ship (built from hay bales) it was time to find that perfect pumpkin. At first I told them all they could pick whatever they wanted - so long as they could carry it back to the car. That lasted until Stinky found a ginormous pumpkin that was "way cool"! Scott sent him for a wheelbarrow, and soon QP also had a ginormous pumpkin to add to the collection. Boo's little baby pumpkin (that she could carry without assistance) looked puny in comparison. But when it came time to scoop and carve, I think she was glad to have a smaller gourd.

It definitely took a LONG time for QP and Stinky to scoop their pumpkins. I was wondering if they would finish before dark. They did... but barely! Can you guess who carved each Jack-O-Lantern? (And if you guess me you're partly right. Because yes, I got to help a little with each!)

More pictures? Of course! You can check them out here...

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Miss Julie said...

Ah. So you are the good parents (the parents who actually take their children to the pumpkin patch and document the fun.) You are so unlike the bad parents(the parents who forget it's the weekend before halloween, and have to drive to Safeway and buy the last 4 pumkins and get a salesman to take their picture.)