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Tuesday, November 4


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I voted today.

This morning I gathered up Scott's and my ballots. I assembled them into the proper envelope-within-an-envelope order. Then on my break I walked them over to the County Clerk's office and dropped them into the collection box. Bingo! I voted! No line for me!!

But that doesn't count the hours (YES, hours) of work it took for me to complete my ballot. There were several state measures to consider, along with some local ones. Local elected positions, including City Councilors to vote for. It was at times confusing, but it's done.

I hope that wherever you are, regardless of your views, you will vote too. And though it doesn't hurt I hope you are voting for reasons bigger than free ice cream and free coffee.

But hey, whatever works. Please... VOTE!!

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Lori King said...

I must have spent almost two hours pouring over all the local stuff. But it sure felt good! I forgot about the free coffee and ice cream. But I am going to make a "Watergate Coverup" salad for dinner, complete with pistachio jello, whipped cream, and pecans. Yuck.