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Tuesday, January 20


Happy Inauguration Day!

Take me to PROM!

This morning as I drove my daughter to school, I searched the radio bands for a station that might be playing a feed of the swearing in of our nation's new President. Boo was curious about this and realized out loud, "Oh, Barack Obama turns into the President today!" I told her yes, and that the big ceremony would be happening right about the time I dropped her off at the school (a little before 9am PST). And then she asked,

"Why doesn't he turn into the new President on President's Day?"

I giggled a little (oops) but then told her that was a good question. I explained why we celebrate President's Day, and she seemed to get it.

When we pulled up to the school the playground was nearly empty - unusual since it was "line up time" and then I saw the teachers waving the kids inside. I hope that they were being hurried inside to watch the swearing in (of the Vice President) that was to start in a few moments.

As I pulled away from the school Aretha Franklin's voice, singing "My Country 'Tis of Thee," filled the airwaves and my breath started to catch in my chest. During the drive from Redmond to Bend I fought tears as I listened to Joe Biden take the oath of the Vice President, and the beautiful harmony composed by John Williams (with the violin part played by Itzhak Perlman, one of my favorite musicians). When I arrived at the office I stayed in my car for a few minutes to listen to the end of our new President's inaugural address.

And just in case the two older kids didn't get to see the event, everything was recording at home on the DVR.

How much change can we really expect? Too soon to tell. Many are nervous that change is not for the best. My heart is full of hope - for my kids, for my country, and for the world. I was happy to hear science and technology among the topics mentioned during the Inaugural address. There are many important ideas out there, and I hope that the citizens of my country - myself included - can shed their doubts and fear.

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Deby said...

Here is a toast to a new time in our lives, a new presidency, new hope for our country and our planet. Racial barriers were shattered, hope has been infused throughout the country.

It is going to be a tough four years trying to get us back to where we should be - but I think that after yesterday there is more of a feeling that every person in this country has the opportunity to make that change happen.