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Saturday, May 2

Salmon Run

Today I ran the Salmon Run 5k with some girl friends... Melinda, Kate, and Shannon. It was breezy and cool, but we warmed up quickly once we started running. I was definitely grateful for my new arm warmers! I did better than I thought I would, especially since training for the last week has been a little erratic for me.

Running Start!

Melinda, Shannon and I have been running together on a fairly consistent basis. It's nice to meet up with friends for a workout, and it's definitely motivating to know that someone else will be there. After the 8 mile hike in Kauai I gave myself a few days off from running, and it definitely came back to bite me during my first few days back in training.

Despite this I managed to run almost the entire 5k, slowing for a 3-minute walk break after about 30 minutes. I ran the last 5 minutes, and I finished slightly faster than I did for the Light of Hope 5k last month. I definitely didn't feel as strained. So... some progress is definitely showing.

In a few short weeks it'll be time for the "goal race" ... the Pacific Crest 5k at the end of June. (And, my 35th birthday.) We're already talking about what to do after that race. Shannon's talking about a 10k in September. Hmmm...

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