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Monday, September 7


a.k.a. Things to know when hiking with a teenage boy

Today (Labor Day) Stinky and I went hiking. Specifically, we hiked from the Jack Lake trailhead to Booth Lake. Originally we wanted to take the Canyon Creek Meadows trail but a big group arrived at the trailhead right behind us. So... we hiked the opposite direction. Because we could.

Unfortunately that meant we didn't know much about the trail. Except that it would go through nature, and hopefully past some beautiful places.

And hopefully not too steep. Mamma don't "do" steep. (Except, apparently, when I climbed South Sister. But that's a whole other story.)

So... while it was pretty and it wasn't too steep... it was much like every other Central Oregon hike I've taken so far. There were great views, interesting wildlife, lots of blowdown to climb over, and we had to cross a stream. I took some nice pictures and if you're interested you can look at them here. We had a great time, and I learned a few things about hiking (alone) with a teenage boy:
  1. Let them go first.

  2. Don't try to keep up with them, they move faster than you. If you try to keep up with them you'll just get really, really tired.

  3. Let them get a little ways ahead of you. That way when they fart (and they will) hopefully the wind will blow it away before you have to smell it.

  4. Don't let them get too far ahead of you. Otherwise you will find them somewhere that is clearly not the trail, but they will be sure it is. And since they are soooo much smarter than you, you'll have to prove them wrong.

  5. Let them carry the water. It's heavy and it will slow them down a little.

  6. Don't let them carry the food. Then they still know where their next meal will come from.

  7. When nature calls (for you) give them a snack and find them a rock. They'll be too scared to look, anyways.

  8. Do let them sing and talk loudly. It scares away scary beasts like bears and mountain lions.

  9. Unfortunately it also scares away every other living creature within 5 miles.

  10. Remind them every once in a while why this is better than sitting and watching TV or playing with their computer. They probably won't buy it but you might.

  11. Near the end of the hike offer them an ice cream or milkshake when you get back to town. When you actually roll through town they will be asleep anyways so you can give them cookies at home and call it good.

  12. Love every moment, and be glad that they are hiking with you. Even though it's only because it's the middle of nowhere and they are sure that they won't get caught hanging out with their mom.

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Elise Michaels Media said...

I love this, Jen! Too late for me, but I hope some other moms read it and take your advice!