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Monday, December 28


This week's theme on the I Faces blog is "Hilarious Outtakes". Here are a few of my favorite funny faces...

I'm not sure if he swallowed a bug, or what...
Right as I took this picture, he put her in a headlock. Way to show the love!
Apparently, hand-knitted items are scary. Huh.
Some people have LOLCats... I have LOLKidz! When I look at this I think, "I can haz pointy tongue" and "Diz iz mah noggun... capeesh?"
This final image is NOT an outtake. I just wanted to share the pure JOY on my child's face when he realized he got an Xbox for Christmas. (Craiglist is really wonderful!) I think he'll be sleeping with the headset on for weeks...

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