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Wednesday, April 12

Tremble With Fear

"School music program"

Three words that strike fear into the hearts of all parents, siblings, grandparents... and others somehow tied to the life of the school-aged child.

We had the pleasure of attending my son's music program last night. Originally the plan was to "duck and hide"... I was pretty sure if we ignored it, the darn thing would pass. Besides my son wasn't particularly interested in participating, and it was on a Tuesday which is one of his TKD nights. But somehow the "powers that be" determined that we would, indeed be in attendance since...

My son had a solo part in one of the songs.

This is a little long so click here if you want to read more!

When I heard the news, I was pretty sure the music teacher had lost her mind, if not her sense of hearing. This is my son after all. And I was pretty sure that he sings almost as well as I do. Which is not very well. Don't get me wrong - give me a bottle of Crown and a karaoke machine after a long day of pasture golf and I turn into the next Sara Evans. (Or at least I think I am... sorry Scott!!)

I love my son but facts, is facts, and the kids sounds like a dog in pain when he tries to sing... just like his mama!

So... we did the supportive parent thing, rushing from TKD to the school to get him to the concert on time.

And the concert was OK!

Luckily for us the fourth graders were up first; they performed four songs. The first number was a Spanish-language song. Next was "Oregon My Oregon"... and I could still remember the words from when I sang that song back in fourth grade! (Thanks, Mrs. Stewart!) The one that my son had a solo part in was from a new Disney Channel movie "High School Musical" - the song was named "The More We Get Together" and it was pretty good. There were 6 kids that all had little bits to sing, so he kind of blended in. It was neat to see him up there and he looked pretty confident in front of a large crowd and that was great! The last song was "I Can See Clearly Now (the rain is gone)" and it was pretty cute - the kids all had the goofy extra large sun glasses on and looked like they were having a good time.

Afterwards we had to celebrate a great performance... since my son was the star of the night he chose Chinese food which was a great ending to a fun, better-than-expected evening!

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