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Tuesday, May 16


What little space that was left in our garage, was taken up by cans. Lots and lots of cans. So many cans that if you got to close to the quite imposing wall of cans (or even looked at it wrong), they would tumble down around you. Cans are VERY LOUD when a lot of them fall at once! I finally put my foot down last night and we took them back to the store to get a whopping 5 cents each. We had to fill up and take both cars on our mission.

Time to insert individual cans into can-crushing machine: 1 hour

Number of people inserting cans into machines: 5

Approximate number of cans: 1300

Amount of money received: $68.50

Average hourly wage per person: $13.70

Watching Scott insert the same 3 cans into a malfunctioning machine over and over (it would count them but then kick them into the "reject" bin) and racking up about $5:


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