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Sunday, June 4


Stinky and I had a great time in Ashland! We saw "The Importance of Being Earnest" which was very funny. Stinky didn't care for the kissing... but there was just a little of that at the end of the play!

On Saturday we attended two unique events, thanks to my Mom who is a "Bowmer Society" member (that means she donates to the educational fund). The first was a workshop. Workshops are usually presented for school groups who travel to Ashland to see the plays. The one we attended was called "The Mask Within and the Mask Without". It was all about both the literal and figurative masks used in theater, literature, and life. There were lots of opportunities to get up and move around and to participate... it was a lot of fun and it was nice to see that he "got it".

The second event was a dinner with some of the members of the company. We were seated with Sara Ruttan, who is playing "Margot" in "The Diary of Anne Frank" this season. Also, the actor who played Jack Worthing/Ernest Moncrieff was in attendance so Stinky got to meet him as well!

We also enjoyed riding bikes, wandering Lithia Park, reading books, eating ice cream, and looking in the shops and Saturday Market around Ashland.

All in all... a very nice mom-n-kid weekend!

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