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Monday, June 19


Final inspections were today on the new house... and we got occupancy! So we found the air mattress, threw together the few things we really really need, picked up a pizza from Bruno's... and we are HOME!

Building this house has been the toughest thing I have ever done - it has taxed all of us physically, emotionally and mentally. This project has been full of ups and downs! We have been "hands on" every step of the way, with Scott running the job. We drew the plans ourselves after finding the lot - and since then have done everything possible ourselves... including siding, building cabinets, laying hardwood floors, and cleaning (and cleaning and cleaning). It's also one of my most rewarding experiences, and I found new strength in our family and in Scott's and my relationship. I have learned so much through this experience, both about building a house and about what I want out of life. I can't imagine going through this with anyone but Scott... truly the love of my life and my partner in every way. (CHEESE!)

Stinky, Boo and Butthead - you guys are awesome and I am so proud of the home we have made together. I hope that you love your new house! Thank you for putting up with the evenings and weekends when we had to be here working on the house, and being all around great kids. (Thank goodness for Juniper Pool!)

Boo observed how nice it would be for all the kids to finally have their own rooms... and she thought it was very nice of me and Scott to share so the kids wouldn't have to. What can I say... we are all about taking one for the team!

p.s. The blinds won't be installed until Wednesday so until then... NO PEEKING!


dndwheeler said...

Congrats!!!!! I know you will be happy. Post some pics of the new home!

Thanks for dropping by my site. Curious to where you got the address??? Sometimes people just drop in and I have no idea how they got there.

Denise Wheeler in Sisters

dndwheeler said... Never knew that I was syndicated! How cool, I guess. I had never heard of Thanks for the information...