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Friday, June 23


Another great example of total lack of customer service by big business:

My current cell phone (Sprint) gets no signal at our new house. Since we are moving - this could be a problem! Fortunately my contract expires next week. This week a friend of mine was kind enough to swing by with their T-Mobile phone and it works great.

Just because I was curious... I went to the Sprint store and asked about the signal problem.

I told them the location of the new house and explained the problem. The sales guy said to solve my problem I needed ... a new phone and a roaming plan. I told him (1) I don't want a new phone and (2) why should I have to pay extra for roaming when I live in one of their local coverage areas.

He said, where is this again? I told him where the house is and he told me that the actual reason I am having a problem is because there are TOO MANY cell towers down there, so the phone is "getting confused and giving up".

I asked, what about my friend's phone that is T-Mobile? He looked at me with a sort of blank expression, then said oh they must have a new phone and be on a roaming plan!

I returned to my place of business - which happens to be the corporate headquarters for a wireless company. Since I went through the corporate training plan through my employer I know that what he told me is bunk. When I repeated this story to my co-workers they couldn't stop laughing.

Bye, Sprint!


Anonymous said...

What wireless company do you work for?

Anonymous said...

It was not a new phone and I wasn't roaming!

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

My husband has t-mobile (thru work) and I have us cellular. I get better service coverage than he does. I come in at Bachelor a lot more than he does, for example. us cellular's customer service totally, totally sucks but you might consider it, for the coverage.

Er, you don't work for us cellular, do you?

Jen said...

Nope - I don't work for US Cellular.

The others that I have a share plan with live in the Valley... thusly we have to find a company that services both with a home calling area.