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Friday, June 30


Just a reminder that the school zone speed law change goes into effect tomorrow, July 1...

House Bill 2840 Simplifies School Zone Speed Law

In 2005 the Oregon legislature acted to simplify the school laws under House Bill 2840. The Governor signed the bill into law on July 20, 2005.

The new law does away with the “At All Times” school zones -- but it doesn’t go into effect until July 1, 2006. So you will see the “At All Times” school zones until July 2006.

The new law has only two categories of school zones those adjacent and crosswalks not adjacent.

School zones on roadways adjacent to school grounds can be either: “When Flashing” or “School Days 7AM to 5PM”.

Those school zones at a school crosswalk away from school grounds can be either "When Flashing” or “When Children are Present”.

This means that if you are passing a school at 2am on a Saturday... you no longer have to slow down to 20 mph. I am all about safety especially when it comes to protecting kids, but what a stupid law that was.

I wonder, how much did it cost to install the signs indicating the 24-hour limit... and how much will it cost to CHANGE THEM BACK?

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