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Friday, July 28


Today I read that the good folks over at Bend Oregon Restaurants are addicted to "Hot Apple Meth" (oops... make that Pie) from McDonalds.

Which just makes me hungry for... crack fries.

Is it just me, or does Mickey D's put something on their fries, making them irresistable. I just can't help myself. When they are hot and fresh... it doesn't get much better!

I have actually mooched McDonald's fries off co-workers. (If you are just going to throw them away...) Now I find myself telling the girls (on our rare trips through the drive thru), "No, you don't really want apple dippers do you?" Because then I can't steal their fries from the bottom of the bag. Stinky almost always gets a salad, which is also no fun at all. The only reason I take you to McDonald's is so I can steal your fries, don't you get it?!

Yes, I know I can (and should) just get my own fries. But what's the fun in that? Besides... other people's fries always taste better!


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm Mc'Crack Fries

Bend Oregon Restaurants said...

I guess I was so excited to talk about that Hot Apple Meth that I didnt go into all the different menu options that McD's sprinkles their special crack dust over.

Those fries are the worst! I had a friend in Texas who would just chew on them and spit them out. He was close to hooking them up to an IV.

Try dipping your McD's fries in KFC Gravy. You'll need a ciggy after.