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Sunday, July 16


They both ate grilsch! Butthead said it's disgusting and Stinky thinks it's great! They FOBbed. Butthead lived in Trickle Falls and got a blue rag. Stinky lived in Hillside and got a green rag. They were both on the "red team" for Capture the Flag. They spend a night at Beaver Dams. Butthead was in the "Reindeer poo-poo" skit and Stinky was in the "Holy Water" skit. Both of them smelled like a rank mixture of feet, damp, mildew and dirt.

YES... the big kids are home from a week at Camp!

And the car was filled with camp songs during the 2.5 hour drive home. There are new parts to the yodeling Swiss Boy song (Bullfrog: "Why would I lie?", Milkdud: "Milkdud wins!"). The words to "Squirrely" and "Piece of Tin" are still pretty much the same. Scott, who never went to camp as a child, thinks we are all crazy. Boo just looked on in wonder.

For the uninitiated: Grilsch is a mixture of par-boiled rice, USDA shredded cheese blend, and unidentifiable meaty bits. It's bliss in a styrofoam cup, best eaten late at night during an outpost.

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